Chicken Korma


Around a THIRD of the calories you would find in an average Chicken Korma takeaway! Succulent diced chicken in a rich, mild and creamy coconut based sauce. Still hitting our high protein and low sugar ethos we’ve created one of the healthiest Korma’s around!

  • High Protein
  • Low Sugar
  • Only a THIRD of the calories (compared to an average Chicken Korma takeaway)


Not sure what to make for dinner tonight?… This is the stuff dreams are made of!

A rich, creamy chicken korma is usually forbidden territory if your watching your weight…. but we’d hate you to miss out so we’ve created our healthy, balanced full of flavour 420 calorie chicken korma POG.

There’s just one third of the calories you would find in your average chicken korma takeaway!

Succulent diced chicken breast marinated in a rich, mild and creamy coconut based sauce accompanied with turmeric and coriander infused rice! Delectable!

Better yet it’s one of the healthiest Korma’s around boasting our HIGH PROTEIN & LOW SUGAR ethos!

Our Pots are a MUST HAVE freezer filler (up to 12 months) and ready in just 6 minutes from frozen meaning you can enjoy a clean & convenient healthy meal that’s HIGH in PROTEIN & LOW in both sugar and calories whenever, wherever.

Nutrition Information


Per serving Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 417 119
Protein 33.3 9.5
Carbohydrate 46 13
of which are sugars 6.0 1.7
Fat 13.3 3.8
of which are saturates 6.3 1.8
Fibre 2.5 0.7
Salt 1.1 0.3

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